Airconditioning Solutions

Create a cool comfortable environment for everyone on board!

Utilizing the best air condition systems available, CSpray is an expert at creating airconditioning solutions.

Top Quality Refrigeration Units

Never worry about your drinks getting warm again!

Ensuring that all of your marine refrigeration needs are met is our top priority. We source and install top quality refrigeration units for launches of all shapes and sizes.

marine refrigeration experts - CSpray Whangarei

Customised Cooling Solutions

We design and install the perfect marine refrigeration solution for you.

Nothing ruins a nice day on the water like a warm beer or a hot cabin, so at CSpray we developed solutions for all of your cooling needs!

With decades of experience working in the marine refrigeration and airconditioning industry, CSpray has the knowledge and expertise to provide quality, reliable cooling options.

Operating across the Northland region, Cspray specialises in providing customized cooling options for your boat or yacht.

Our long history in the marine industry helps us understand how best to design and install the perfect solution for your specific needs.

We know that cooling systems are one of the most important, unseen elements that make or break a boating experience, that’s why we are committed to planning and installing the perfect marine refrigeration and solution for you.

Take advantage of the time spent at one of our local dockyards to install or upgrade your refrigeration or air-conditioning systems today.

Wondering if we are the right service for you?

Operating in the Northland region, we have experience working across many sectors, from commercial projects to large yachts and launches, we ensure that your onboard cooling systems are efficient and effective.

marine refrigeration experts - CSpray Whangarei